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Fenugreek Tea

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Fenugreek Tea - Helps men and women with their reproductive systems.
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About Fenugreek Tea

Afraid your baby isn't gaining enough weight from your natural breastmilk? Maybe you think you aren't producing enough breastmilk? Don't want to ask your doctor for drugs, but you'll consider a more natural approach? Studies show that women who have been on Fenugreek Tea for 14 days produce more breastmilk than average.

Men, we don't want to scare you away and think that you'll be producing breastmilk if you start drinking Fenugreek Tea. Fenugreek Tea is a great source fiber. Fenugreek tea has one part fiber to four parts of Fenugreek Tea, meaning 25% of the serving will have Fiber. Fenugreek Tea also improves men's health and reproductive system.

Brewing Fenugreek Tea

Our Fenugreek tea comes in loose form, easy to prepare and takes less than 7 mins to make a hot cup.

1. Place a teaspoon of Fenugreek in a steeper.

2. Steep Fenugreek for 5 mins or what you prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where Is Fenugreek From?

A: Fenugreek is native to South-East Europe and Mediterranean regions.

Q: How Does Fenugreek Tea Taste Like?

A: Fenugreek tea has a deep nutty flavor with a maple-like bitter taste.

Q: Can I Drink Fenugreek Tea If I'm Pregnant?

A: We absolutley do not recommend pregnant women to drink Fenugreek. If you still wish to consume Fenugreek tea, please consult with your doctor or Gynecologist (OBGYN).

Q: How Frequently Can I Drink Fenugreek Tea?

A: You can drink Fenugreek Tea in moderation or at your own pace.

Q: Is Fenugreek Tea Good For Men?

A: Fenugreek tea is great for men, it helps digestive problems, fertility, and in some cases may help a hernia.

Q: Is Fenugreek Tea Good For Women?

A: Fenugreek tea is great for women, it may benefit cholesterol levels, lower inflammation and help with appetite control. Fenugreek is great for pregnant women, it's proven to help with the production of breastmilk.