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Maca Tea

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Once a vegetable crop to a group of Peruvians, Maca has become one of the most important roots in holistic healing. Yielding benefits to men and women, Maca Tea is highly nutritious, may improve your mood, boost energy levels and even improve brain health.
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About Fenugreek Tea

Often times, there is a certain point in your life where you think to yourself "I've fully become lazier than ever!", you aren't going back to the gym as much you did before, routines become impossible to develop, proper diet is no longer a concern of yours, overall you just feel that you are at a point of no return and you'll just be aging away doing no physical activity. It's true, it happens all the time, you don't admit that you're lazy but you also think you've lost most of your energy.

This is because of a few things, your stress levels are through the roof, your energy levels have diminished, and you're hormones are the root of it all. Maca Tea is your antidote of your lazy habits. Maca's phytochemical maintains energy levels, regulate hormone imbalance, and suppresses the production of chemicals like the stress hormone, cortisol.

Brewing Maca Tea

Our Maca tea comes in loose form, easy to prepare and takes less than 7 mins to make a hot cup.

1. Place a teaspoon of Maca in a steeper.

2. Steep Maca for 5 mins or what you prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where Is Maca From?

A: Maca is native to Central Peru in the high plateaus of the Andes Mountains, and has been cultivated as a vegetable crop for over 2,500 years.

Q: How Does Maca Tea Taste Like?


Q: Can I Drink Maca Tea If I'm Pregnant?

A: We absolutely do not recommend pregnant women to drink Maca Tea. If you still wish to consume Maca tea, please consult with your doctor or Gynecologist (OBGYN).

Q: How Frequently Can I Drink Maca Tea For?

A: We recommend that you drink Maca Tea in moderation or at your own pace.

Q: Is Maca Tea Good For Men?

A: Maca Tea is great for men, it has benefits from improving Stamina and energy, providing and iron, to increasing men's health, Maca Tea is suggested by thousands of other men for men.

Q: Is Maca Tea Good For Women?

A: Maca Tea is great for women, it helps boosting energy levels in women, reducing anxiety and stress, and also improving hair health.