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Turmeric Tea

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Native to Southeast Asia, turmeric has active ingredients to boost cognitive function and stabalize overall general health.
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About Turmeric Tea

Ever had one those days when you were the most productive, got all your errands done after work, and had some spare time when you got home? Do you ever wish you can bottle up one of those days and be like that on command?

Turmeric tea yields benefits to the body to do just that. Native to tropical climates of South Asia, this plant can be found in numerous ancient groups for different empowering benefits.

Brewing Turmeric Tea

Our Turmeric tea comes in loose form, easy to prepare and takes less than 7 mins to make a hot cup.

1. Place a teaspoon of Turmeric in a steeper.

2. Steep Turmeric for 5 mins or what you prefer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where Is Turmeric From?

A: Turmeric is native to South-East Asia, and mostly cultivated in India.

Q: How Does Turmeric Tea Taste Like?

A: Turmeric tea, when steeped, has a gingery earthy taste to it and a mild aromatic scent.

Q: Can I Drink Turmeric Tea If I'm Pregnant?

A: We absolutely do not recommend drinking Turmeric tea when pregnant.

Q: How Frequently Can I Drink Turmeric Tea For?

A: We recommend that you drink Turmeric tea once daily for a 2-3 months to get maximum benefits from this super root.

Q: Is Turmeric Tea Good For Men?

A: Turmeric tea is great for men, not only does this root yield multiple health benefits, men can drink this tea to promote prostate health and can improve brain health.

Q: Is Turmeric Tea Good For Women?

A: Turmeric tea is great for women, when stress is the root of may problems, eliminating it can improve heair growth, cognitive function, better the immune system and more!