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4 Reasons Why Tea Bags Are Horrible To Drink From

by Vienna Iaboni - (2min read) 

As many of you know, tea bags are easy, quick, and overall so convenient! I can admit, I loved tea bags too! 


I stopped using them, and stopped supporting the awful brands that mass produce them and offer them to the public for pennies to the dollar. 

I do have to admit, I never believed any of the articles that said "Tea bags are bad!" or "Do you know what you're brewing with your tea?", because I never was the type that questioned it only because I thought "Hey if it's been approved by the government or all companies use them so there's no way it's dangerous", so I guess you can call me naive.

But on just any other regular Sunday evening, I decided to pick up this article laying around at my neighborhood coffeeshop. And when I found out that this fact of tea bags are actually dangerous, I had gone crazy! 

I'm friends with Lisa who owns the coffeeshop, so when I saw her walking by I had asked her if she has seen this article, and she didn't. But she picked it up and read it, and she was shook. She immediately asked her barista's to stop serving tea for the day, and she called her vendor to stop delivering tea bags and start delivering her loose leaf tea. She made the switch from tea bags to loose tea almost the same minute she found out the brutal truth about tea bags!


#1: Epichlorohydrin is Cancerous

Ok I know you're about to say "Doesn't everything cause cancer nowadays!?", because I admit, I say it all the time. But this is really disturbing, have you ever spotted bubbles when you steep your bagged tea? A lot of other companies and bloggers would like to say that's a good sign, but this is something you should worry about.

A carcinogen (substance capable of causing cancer in living tissue) which is known as epichlorohydrin is often coated on the surface of the bags. Once this substance is in contact of hot water, it turns toxic and can effect immunity and or fertility. 


#2: Residues of Pesticides

Often used to add artificial flavoring, residues of pesticide can be found in the tea bag and the tea. But this won't be harmful to inhale or store away until it has made contact with water. That is when everything that is found to be toxic can be released into the cup of tea causing even just smelling it to be toxic.


#3: Tea Bags Are Made of Thermoplastic, Nylon, Polypropylene, Plastic or even PVC

Yes this is indeed very true. And although all these materials have high boiling points, they still leach harmful compounds when they come in contact of boiling hot water.


#4: Tea Bags Can Even Be Made From Food Grade Nylon or polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)

And as mentioned above, these kinds of compounds have a high melting point as well. Nylon and PET are both considered two of the safest plastics because of it's high melting point, and what this means is that it's very unlikely for any harmful plastic chemicals to be leached out.

But there's more to what research shows. There is more concern of the glass transition temperature (Tg) of these bags. The Tg refers to the temperature at which the molecule of certain materials, such as polymers starts to decompose. And usually Tg is much lower than the melting point, which means boiling hot water might very well be surpassing the Tg of the plastics.

Now a lot of existing controversy is happening today about the safety of tea bags, and what exactly do the Centers For Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) or the Center For Health and the Government(s) have to say about all of this?


They don't care, it's a multi billion dollar business for all, why should they ever seize operations or change the process of tea bags?

Even paper tea bags are dangerous, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) labels it a potential carcinogen. It also has shown to cause cancer in animals, impair fertility and weaken immune function. 


We put this to the test

We questioned 100 tea lovers if they drink tea from a bag, and all of them had said yes. We also told them that their tea bags are coated with epichlorohydrin, and it's shown to cause cancer. Almost 90% of them had said "everything causes it nowadays, what makes this any different?". We also had asked them if you actually have an alternative and you find out the truth, would you stop drinking tea bags? 100% of them had said yes.

We told them to call their favorite tea brands, and ask them if they coat their tea bags with epichlorohydrin.

All 100 had called, and all of their tea companies had said yes to coating their tea bags with epichlorohydrin (this would be illegal if they are coating them with epichlorohydrin and they don't say they are). 

So of course all the people we surveyed were in shock. So we had told them that this is a rising concern for all teas that the public buys. 

Even the triangle looking teas are coated with the same, they're all dangerous.

We informed them what Vivo's Tea offers, and that Loose Leaf Tea is the #1 safest way to drink tea at home. Only a few didn't know what Loose Leaf Tea really is, so we had to inform them what Loose Leaf Tea is.

Not to mention we eliminate any middle party and go directly to the tea farmers and supply our customers with the most flavorful tea with no potential risk of toxic compounds all for a fair starting price of $0.49 a cup! 

We offered all the surveyed customers a chance to try loose leaf, and about 85% made the complete switch to Vivo's Tea Loose Tea. 

After the survey, we agreed to do that for all of our customers, give them the opportunity to taste the safer more flavorful steeping option. 

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