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It was a rainy stormy night in the enchanted forest, where Vienna (the founder) fought a fire spitting bird and discovered what it was protecting - fields of amazing nutritious loose leaf tea.

Ok that's not quite how the fairy tail started, although it was pretty close to it! Thea real story is as followed:

Vienna, on any other ordinary November afternoon, began to brew what she thought was a cinnamon flavored loose leaf tea. What happened next was the beginning of a change to herself and what she wished to achieve to thousands of others like her. 

She realized that the leaves she was brewing were vanishing, dissolving like it was all sugar. Wait, it was sugar! She couldn't believe it! She was brewing sugar, all along. Now we aren't going to sit here and point fingers at any corporation, but what the heck!

With the help of her spouse, she then went ahead and began her research on changing the loose leaf tea game. So then they began their journey. One flight to meet a tea farmer lead to another, and now we're here with more blends on the way!

Vivo's Tea is ready to serve only real ingredients straight from the farmers to your mugs at an unbeatable price. We are so happy for you to tag along!